Dr. Capetanakis takes a unique approach to surgical birth. His methods are far gentler, more supportive, and provide for a faster recovery time. The hospital you deliver at matters and so does your surgeon.

Although Dr. Capetanakis’ primary c-section rate for laboring moms is well below the national average, if you do need a c-section, there is a better way. Did you know that mom’s arms are usually strapped down, that you normally do not get to see your baby be born, and that generally skin-to-skin contact is not allowed in the operating room.

Dr. Capetanakis works with the amazing surgical team at Scripps Encinitas so that you can watch the birth of your child by lowering the surgical drape, and also encourages skin-to-skin contact and nursing immediately after delivery. Studies have shown how critical this early bonding is between a newborn and parent. Dr. Capetanakis understands that a surgical birth is still a birth, and is beautiful and should be celebrated.

  • We hope to have mom nursing in the operating room.
  • We encourage contact with parents and baby in the operating room.
  • We do not require that mom’s arms are strapped down to the table.
  • We will lower the drape so that you can witness the birth of your child.

Faster Recovery
Dr. Capetanakis takes extra care and time in the operating room so that mom has a faster recovery. Unlike most obstetricians, Dr. Capetanakis does not exteriorize the uterus when possible. When the uterus is pulled out of mom’s abdomen, there is more internal stress and trauma and recovery can be dramatically more difficult.

The Hospital You Deliver At Matters
At Scripps Encinitas, you are not separated from baby after a cesarean birth. This is drastically different from other local hospitals where parents are separated from baby for a minimum of 2-4 hours.

For more information regarding a natural or family centered cesarean, please contact us.

Skin to Skin contact immediately following delivery in the operating room increases your success breastfeeding. See Article
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